LinkedIn: jp.tollenboom

LinkedIn: jp.tollenboom


Lots of data are floating around, sometimes deeply buried in old and new data bases, sometimes unknown, sometimes containing pure knowledge gold, often left to the darkness of their hidden existence.
We were told that our future would lay in the knowledge economy: well for the time being it doesn't look like it started too well.
Lot's of data thus, but very little computing with it.

A few examples
    medical files, individual and population wide
    traffic data on local and large scale
    financial data on companies
    economical data
    weather data
    process data
    maintenance data
    sales data
    marketing data
    … all kept in zillions of spreadsheets, small and large databases, hiding essential information about trends, trend-changes, patterns; all vital information for proper and rational management of whatever system or subsystem one has responsibility over.

    It's about time we stop handling our accumulated data with disdain, that we stop guessing and improvising.
    In some area's of human activities, continuing to do so, could have disastrous consequences.
Those who forget their history are bound to repeat their errors.
— Trivialus Primus


JP has more than 40 years of experience in projects covering nuclear engineering, electromechanical engineering, food, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, R&D. Has been R&D director at ADB a Siemens company.
He has been developing the DPC method and it's tools for the last 15 years. He has implemented the DPC method and the tools in a number of large and medium sized companies and organisations.
President of a jury for Master Students at the KUL/Campus De Nayer.
Assisted Prof Ben Koo in projects with engineering students at the Tsinghua University Beijing.
Trained 20+ senior project managers at IDB.
Coaches students in industrial engineering at KU-Leuven/Campus De Nayer
Developed many sophisticated applications using the Wolfram Language, deployed in the Wolfram Cloud.
Multi-paradigm data scientist, expert in the Wolfram Language and Mathematica.
Coaching young data scientists.

Networked Colleagues

JP regularly works together with these excellent colleagues on data science projects

Wolfram Research

Well integrated in the Wolfram Research world, with many contacts at WRI UK. Beta tester of almost all the WRI products.